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2012-11-18 21:58:55 by spot1techno

Brian Adams is a producer, pianist, vocalist, and violinst. He's produced over 115 songs and obtained over 50,000 views on Newgrounds in the past two years. He's scored number 1 on both Newgrounds and Reverbnation leaderboards. He strives to blend genres and put his own creative spin on electronic music.

Brian started his career 6 years ago during his freshman year of high school. One day I said, "I could see you as a professional rapper". Soon after he pumped out classics such as The Prophecy, The Most of Wealth, and Still Fight. In a few months, all the kids at school began referring to him as Djba. His beats and lyrics were enough to land him the number 1 spot on Reverbnation's Pittsburgh Electronic Producer Leaderboard. After his success with hip hop and rap, he developed an interest in Techno/Trance. Incredible artists such as Cosmicman, Groove Coverage, Dj Manian, and Norland, inspired Above the Sky, The Approach, Energy March, etc. Brian's first works are filled with the most incredible and creative piano melodies that I've ever heard. His mixing and mastering was clearly underdeveloped, but sometimes people just want to grab a spectacular melody and hold onto it. For example, Brian gained the number 1 and 5 spots on the Newgrounds Audio Portal Leaderboard for Above the Sky and Techno Crusade. Works like these were compiled into an unreleased cd consisting of 15 to 20 songs. Within the next 6 months, he made 10 more songs and independently released an album titled Energy March. After that, Brian took a much needed break. For the year ahead, he would refined his techniques learning how to master vocals and mixing. He came back with a renewed love for vocals and lyrics with his album Blink of an Eye. With vocals by Danielle Coury, guitar by Dan Blaushild and Jack Sacks, and artwork by Tia Yang, he drew attention in the Pittsburgh area.

For the past 3 years, Brian has attended Penn State University. His music career has to be put on hold every now and then, but he was still able to release The Beat Goes On, his most successful album to date. With the months ahead, Brian plans to continue to produce and promote. We're expecting plans for a new album in the near future.

Written by Michael Wehar

We are in the process of backing up all of Brian's works online. We will post the link and make them all available for *FREE* download.


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